New Projects

I balance my time between writing nonfiction, fiction, and teaching writing workshops. These images inspire these works-in-progress.

Image of Triple Falls in North Carolina
CCC group planting seedlings.
Image from national archives of CCC road construction crew

Clumps of iris along the edge of a pond.
Window & balcony banister

Historical Fiction / Fantasy / Romance

Fiction: all ages

Several fantasy short stories plus historical fiction novels in the works for readers 8-12 and 13+.  Historical fiction set during the 1890s and the Great Depression dealing with hunger, homelessness, and orphans. Contemporary romance and fantasy/romance for young adult and new adult readers.

Two barefoot boys climb on textile weaving machine in 19th century mill.
Image of young chimney sweep, circa 19th century.
Children picketing for right to go to school during 19th century
Lisa with geologist Jon during research in North Carolina
Spiral of clouds (looks similar to hurricane) over Iceland as seen from space
Blue textured glass, an early example of stained glass
Long and narrow deep blue water lily pond

Books / Articles


Nature, the environment, weather and history topics for younger readers. Social issues topics such as the food crisis, homelessness, human trafficking, hunger in America, and history for upper elementary and above, plus a  life skills series for teens and new adult (college freshmen).