It’s on the SCBWI List:

Image of book titled Starving: Can We Feed Everyone?
Latest YA book. Covers the food crisis; how food is grown, processed, and packaged, and possible solutions for sustainable farming.

cover of Winter 2016 PAL reading list

Teachers, parents, and librarians take note. The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) has created a list of books by members. It’s organized by region/state and by age level. The newest list comes out Autumn 2017 and will be distributed at many book fairs and industry conferences. Ask your librarian or favorite bookstore for a copy (or to browse it).

Summer Reading Club Library presentations June & July 2015

Library conference room with 6 teens around table.Had FUN this summer as a guest speaker for a variety of programs offered at South Regional and Marco Island branches of Collier County Public Library.
Parachutes (exploring gravity) in June.
Dealing with Stress & Lava Bottles for the teen group in early July.
Clowns that Won’t Lie Down (exploring gravity) mid-July.
Optical Illusions and Mandellas for groups from the Boys and Girls Club mid- and late-July.
Tracing circles to create a fish mandela Child's hands coloring sections in the optical "wave" pattern One teen makes lava bottle while 3 others look on. Eight elementary-aged children around craft table doing gravity experiment: Clown that won't lie down.

The Right to Counsel featured on BookTV’s Cities Tour-Fort Myers, Fla. mid-April 2014

Image of book titled The Right to Counsel
The Right to Counsel

Lisa seated behind lights and camera as tech readies to record the interview.The middle of March was the height of season but I made time to meet with Christy Hinton, 1 of 6 interviewees on the LCV (Local Content Vehicles) Cities Tour teams, to discuss my book, The Right to Counsel: from Gideon v. Wainwright to Gideon’s Trumpet. Cities Tour LCV visited Fort Myers, Fla. to explore the nonfiction scene & history of the area. My interview segment airs on April 19-20, 2014, or click here to view online. 

From the Cities Tour video about Lisa’s book, The Right to Counsel.

Best Book 2012 Finalist

Image of book for teens titled Dealing With Stress
Dealing with Stress (Life: A How-to Guide series)

Dealing with Stress: a How-To Guide by Lisa A. Wroble (Enslow Publishers), placed as a finalist in the Young Adult Nonfiction category in the USA Books News Best Books of 2012. The book was nominated for consideration in July and winners were announced by Jeffrey Keen, President and CEO of USA Book News on November 16, 2012. Dealing with Stress is available in hard-back (library binding) and paperback from bookstores, the publisher or your favorite online retailer.
image of gold finalist award sticker
What is especially exciting about this award is that it coincides with Enlsow Publishers releasing it in ebook format. It is now available in Kindle, Kobo, and Nook editions with an iBooks edition coming soon!

To learn more about the book and this award, visit USA Book News or Lisa’s Amazon Author Central page.