About Lisa

Inspired by Facts

A teacher once dubbed me an “information giver” and I’ve lived up to his assessment ever since. I love reading and then sharing what I’ve learned. What better way to do this than through my own writing–one reader at a time?

I write for all ages, both fiction and nonfiction, and on a variety of topics, including history, science, nature and the environment, law and society, self-esteem, and social issues. My school and library programs blend a love of learning, natural curiosity, and interest in nature, science, and history to engage the audience through activities and literacy exercises.

Lisa around age 10 reading in pjs in the basement. On couch next to older sister. Caption: Comfy reading (right) with my older sister, Teri (left).

I grew up in Michigan in a family of 8 children and I spent a lot of time reading as a child. It was no surprise to my family when she showed a flair for making up stories and putting on puppet plays for the neighborhood. I think I always knew I’d grow up to write books. At least, that was my plan, from about grade 4 on.

I also spent a great deal of time playing in the creek and exploring the outdoors. Spending time with nature is still one of my hobbies. I grew up around lakes, so swimming was a common pastime. It still is from my home in Florida. I also enjoy canoeing, bird watching, gardening, camping, hiking, and photographing nature and wildlife. The trees, flowers, birds, insects, and sunshine inspire me. Since most of my writing is nonfiction, my creative well is refilled whenever I’m outside.

Sunset on Marco Island showing pink, orange, purple above a palm tree. Marco Island, Florida sunset

image of two trumpet swans side-by-side, dipping beaks into water. On Higgins Lakes, Michigan Swans on Higgins Lake, Michigan.