#DearDad, With Gratitude

Did you see Brian Klem’s blog last week? He was running a contest to promote his book, Oh Boy, You’re Having a Girl. (See his original blog plus the contest winner announced. ) I enjoyed the tweets all week regarding this contest.

Brian’s humor about raising (worrying about) daughters got me thinking about my own father. I have four sisters. Yes, dear ol’ dad raised FIVE girls — and survived the experience. Today is his 60th Father’s Day celebration!

I thought it would be fun to tweet my gratitude for my father – and other fathers of daughters out there in the Twitterverse. Feel free to join me! Here are few:

#DearDad you raised FIVE daughters and still have a full head of (white) hair

#DearDad you raised FIVE daughters who all dated guys with motorcycles

#DearDad thanks for holding the car door for Mom AND me cuz I expected that from dates

Now, my dad is also a Korean vet, though I don’t know whether that experience had anything to do with building his fortitude toward raising daughters. Maybe it did help for dealing with the boys in his daughters’ lives, however? Anyway, I thought it time to see our lives from Dad’s perspective. Brian helped me do that. So, take heart all the dads out there with daughters. We turn out just fine. I’d love to hear your tributes to Dad today. Reply below or Tweet using hashtag #DearDad.

And to all the dads out there, Happy Father’s Day!


2 thoughts on “#DearDad, With Gratitude

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