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On this page you’ll find updates on my books as well as those I’ve recently enjoyed reading. Those familiar with my work know that I’m most well-known for The Kids Throughout History series published by PowerKids Press (Rosen Publishing) but that I’ve also published for a variety of ages on history and science topics. Recent books include 3 during the past 3 years for Enslow Publishers.

Those who have heard me speak or have participated in writing workshops also know that I’m actively writing fiction. I’ll have some great news to share about those endeavors soon, so stay tuned!

Dealing with Stress

My latest book is now available

November 2012

Exciting news! Dealing with Stress was named a finalist in the Young Adult nonfiction category in the USA Book News “Best Books of 2012” contest.  It was serendipitous that ebooks of this title released this month, too!  It’s now available in Kindle and Nook formats (with iBooks and Kobo options coming soon). goldFINALISTlogo

October 3, 2011

It’s here! I’m delighted to hold my latest book in my hands. Previews and galleys showed a white background for the cover so I was pleasantly surprised to see a blue background.

I’m also pleased that this book will be sold as both a hardback and a paperback. This is a first for Enslow (at least among the four books I’ve published with them). Since it targets teens, I think it’s important to have an affordable version of the book so readers can by a copy for themselves.

July 5, 2011

For updates on my latest books or projects, look under “Books” in the categories list below. For publishing news from my current or former students–at any level and from all programs–look under “Brag Board” in the categories list.


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